If you’re a worldwide leader for industrial product manufacturing, like TTI, you need manufacturing facilities that reflect your company’s sophisticated technological advancement. If you need advanced Mechanical Building Services for your state-of-the-art Manufacturing Facility, call Rogers Mechanical!

Category :


Client :

Techtronic Industries Co. Ltd.

Facility Name :

TTI Distribution and Manufacturing Center

Location :

Anderson, South Carolina

Facility Type :

Manufacturing Facility, Distribution Center

Industry :

Power Tools and Industrial Parts Manufacturing

Square Footage :

1,300,000 ft2

General Contractor :

The Conlan Company

Special Features :

Helicopter Set for Rooftop HVAC / Research and Development Facilities / Advanced System Controls

Manufacturing Facility Mechanical Building Services

Long recognized as a Global Leader in Outdoor Power Equipment, TTI manufactures many of the parts and tools that are used by some of the most popular tool companies to make residential and commercial power tools. Companies like Ryobi, Milwaukee, Hoover, Homelite, and more are either partially or completely comprised of parts and tools made by TTI. And without the marquis TTI Distribution and Manufacturing Center in Anderson, South Carolina, many of the power tools, accessories, and hand tools we use every day might never be made. The success of a company with the size and influence of TTI hinges largely on its ability to provide adequate research and development, as well as its ability to manufacture tools and parts at a high level of quality, and a high-level of volume. The Anderson, SC TTI Distribution and Manufacturing Center is a landmark of construction, and is an example to other companies of what a manufacturing facility should be.

When a company like TTI is looking for the best Mechanical Building Services on the market, they have their pick of pretty much any Mechanical Contractor they’d like to work with. TTI and The Conlan Company ultimately decided that Rogers Mechanical Contractors was the company they wanted for their 1.3 Million square-foot facility. Rogers quickly proved they would do whatever it took to complete a successful project, from utilizing Helicopter Sets for Installing Rooftop HVAC Units, to helping develop the facilities for research and development, to installing advanced system controls, and so much more. If you are a General Contractor, Property Owner, or Facility Manager who needs Mechanical Building Services you can trust, look no further than Rogers Mechanical Contractors.