FedEx Ground

When FedEx Ground was in need of constructing a new Industrial Warehouse and Distribution Facility, they turned to Rogers Mechanical Contractors for all their Mechanical HVAC needs. You can too!

Category :


Client :

FedEx Corporation

Facility Name :

FedEx Ground Automated Package Distribution Center

Location :

Austell, Georgia

Facility Type :

Industrial Warehouse, Distribution Center

Industry :

Shipping and Receiving

Square Footage :

304,000 ft2

General Contractor :

Evans General Contractors

Special Features :

Mechanically Fastened TPO Roof Systems / Industrial HVAC / Advanced Control Systems

Industrial Warehouse HVAC by Rogers Mechanical

When you specialize in a quick, accurate turnaround for all your shipping & receiving services, like FedEx Ground, you need a facility that is built for speed, flexibility, and total functional efficiency. FedEx pioneered many of the package tracking services that we take for granted in today’s world of instant shipping and receiving. Because they are still the frontrunner for accurate client communications and corporate shipping success, the FedEx Ground Automated Package Distribution Center needed to be of airtight design and functionality. When General Contractors, Property Owners, and Facility Managers need this type of high-quality mechanical contracting services, they turn to Rogers Mechanical Contractors. Since 1962, Rogers has been steadily improving their Industrial HVAC, Mechanical Plumbing, and Advanced System Controls services. If you need it done right, look no further than Rogers Mechanical Contractors.

To think that packages from all over the world come to and through Austell, Ga, can be a surreal thought. But when you have a proven track record of success, like FedEx, it’s really not all that surprising. Similarly, Rogers Mechanical, though headquartered in Villa Rica, Georgia and Mansfield, TX, has successfully performed Industrial Warehouse HVAC services throughout the Continental United States. In a Design & Build project, like the FedEx Ground Automated Package Distribution Center project, it’s important for General Contractors to hire a Mechanical Contractors who can truly do it all. If you’re looking for Industrial Warehouse HVAC, Mechanical Plumbing, or Advanced System Controls from a company you know you can trust, call Rogers Mechanical Contractors today, and keep your business moving strong!