Distribution Centers by Rogers Mechanical Contractors

As the importance of strategically placed Distribution Centers continues to rise in American commerce, the need for capable, reliable Mechanical Contractors, like Rogers Mechanical Contractors, also rises.

Plan for Success! Make Rogers Mechanical a Part of Your Distribution Center Construction

Distribution Centers and Commercial Storage Warehouses have long been a part of American commerce. As the trend of the national megastore continues upward, the importance for new regional distribution centers also goes up. It’s obviously impractical for large retailers, who might carry thousands of products from just as many dealers, to get shipments from each individual vendor. Savvy companies know exactly how they need these cross-dock facilities built, including any needs they may have for specifically refrigerated rooms, air conditioning, control systems, and industrial plumbing construction. Throughout the United States, some of the most successful DC’s are the Distribution Centers by Rogers Mechanical Contractors. When a general contractor chooses to utilize Rogers Mechanical for their client’s Industrial HVAC, Plumbing, and Control Systems Installation, they choose a company with a national reputation for excellence. If you want to plan for success when you’re planning Distribution Center construction or remodeling, you deserve the best. You deserve Rogers Mechanical Contractors.

Fulfillment Centers

The two primary categories for industrial distribution and storage warehouses are the aforementioned Distribution Centers, and the increasingly popular Fulfillment Centers. The days of ordering from a catalog by mail and waiting until Christmas for your package to arrive have long gone. Today, more people order goods and products from online distributors than ever before. Easily, the most popular and fastest growing online ordering distributor of goods and products throughout the United States is Amazon. One of the marquis Amazon Fulfillment Centers is the regional center in Chattanooga, Tennessee. And can you guess who Amazon and their general contractors from The Conlan Company turned to for the Mechanical Contracting work of this 1,000,000+ square foot facility? That’s right. Rogers Mechanical Contractors! If we can fulfill the high demands of a Distribution Center like Amazon, imagine what we can do for your next project! Call Rogers Mechanical for your next Distribution Center Mechanical Contracting project!