Home Depot

When you’re the world’s largest home improvement retailer, it’s hard to outdo yourself. But with the full-scale implementation of Home Depot’s Distribution & Direct Fulfillment Center in Locust Grove, GA, Home Depot has done just that.

Category :


Client :

The Home Depot

Facility Name :

Home Depot Distribution Center

Location :

Locust Grove, Georgia

Facility Type :

Industrial Distribution, Direct Fulfillment Center

Industry :

Home Improvement Retailer

Square Footage :

1,118,847 ft2

General Contractor :

The Conlan Company

Special Features :

Large-Scale Storage and Airflow Needs / Temperature & Humidity Regulatory Requirements / Advanced System Control Monitoring / Advanced System Control Operations

Distribution Center System Controls by Rogers Mechanical

The Home Depot Regional Distribution Center is unique partly because of the types of items that the distribution center processes, including everything from lumber power tools to garden supplies. But what makes the Home Depot Distribution Center truly unique is the fact that it also handles Direct Fulfillment Orders from HomeDepot.com. This type of direct order fulfillment capabilities truly diversifies Home Depot from many other large-scale, traditional home improvement providers.

When the worldwide leader in home improvement needs to build a state-of-the-art distribution facility that also handles direct fulfillment orders, they hire a great General Contractor like The Conlan Company. And when a great General Contractor needs a reputable, capable Mechanical Contractor service for things like Advanced System Controls, Industrial HVAC, and Industrial Plumbing, they call a nationally reputable company like Rogers Mechanical Contractors. If you’re a general contractor, property owner, or facility manager in need of Industrial Building System Controls, HVAC, Plumbing, and more, call Rogers Mechanical Contractors, today!