Cummins Diesel

Cummins has long been known in the Diesel Engine and Turbo Technology Industries for high-performance, quality, and durability. It makes sense that this kind of company would choose Rogers Mechanical Contractors for their Industrial HVAC & Plumbing Needs.

Category :


Client :

Bradley Associations, LLC

Facility Name :

Cummins Turbo Technologies

Location :

Ladson, South Carolina

Facility Type :

Manufacturing Facility, Administrative Office

Industry :

Automobile Engines, Turbochargers, Diesel Engines

Square Footage :

153,000 ft2

General Contractor :

Evans General Contractors

Special Features :

Helicopter Set for Rooftop HVAC / Multi-Purpose Facility / Multiple Phases of Construction / Central Energy Plant Inside Facility

Cummins is a name that is synonymous across the planet with first-class Diesel Engines and Turbo Technologies. The Cummins Turbo Technologies Manufacturing Facility in Ladson, SC is a reflection of that hierarchy of sophistication and technological advancements. The Ladson Facility has been constructed in several phases, and serves a multitude of company-wide functionality. Providing Mechanical Contracting services for a company like Cummins is something that can only be undertaken by a sophisticated, technologically advanced, highly-skilled, flexible Contractor. Rogers Mechanical Contractors was honored to administrate and implement the Industrial HVAC and Industrial Plumbing services necessary to meet the lofty standards of a company like Cummins.