Boysen Exhaust

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Category :


Client :

Boysen USA Alabama LLC

Facility Name :

Boysen Exhaust

Location :

Brookwood, Alabama

Facility Type :

Manufacturing Facility & Distribution Center

Industry :

Automobile Parts

Square Footage :

120,000 ft2

General Contractor :

Evans General Contractors

Special Features :

Automated Robotic Welding Units / Machine Foundation Press Pits / Automatic Storage & Retrieval System

Manufacturing Facility HVAC Systems by Rogers Mechanical Contractors

The Boysen Exhaust Manufacturing Facility in Brookwood, Alabama is one of the leading automobile exhaust system manufacturers and distributers in the Southeastern United States. This Industrial Building is well constructed, and well insulated, with curtain wall glazing and pre-finished metal paneling on the building’s exterior. On the inside, the epoxy floor system is built for a high level of performance, and helps keep the building well-lit, which is very important in this type of a manufacturing industry. The role that Rogers Mechanical Contractors played in the Mechanical HVAC Systems greatly enhanced the full-functionality of this state-of-the-art facility. The Boysen Exhaust Facility is proof of Rogers Mechanical’s HVAC System capabilities, as well as all other Mechanical Contracting Services.